American journalist exposes bin Laden's 'fairy tale' end
Obama administration, top Pakistani generals 'assassinated' Osama bin Laden in Pakistan under plan, claims Hersh

More Rohingya flee to Malaysian, Indonesian shores
Monday discovery takes total of Bangladeshi and Rohingya migrants who have beached over the last two days to almost 2000

Police warned by FBI before Muhammad cartoon attack
FBI issued bulletin about gunman's interest in Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest just hours before attack, says CNN.

Peaceful protests return to Baltimore
Maryland State Attorney expected to receive results of investigation into Gray's death on Friday.

Coalition planes strike Houthi sites in Yemen's Aden
On Tuesday, Saudi Arabia announced the end of a month-long air campaign against Houthi positions in Yemen.

Saudi-led coalition says staged 2,300 strikes in Yemen
"The goals of the first stage of the campaign have been implemented," coalition spokesman Ahmed al-Asiri said.

Video purports to show Daesh killing Ethiopians in Libya
US National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan strongly condemned 'the brutal mass murder.'

How Nigeria's PDP fell from grace
For 16 years, PDP had the presidency, parliament and governorships

South Korea remembers Sewol ferry disaster victims
Grieving nation still awaits answers on first anniversary of tragedy that claimed more than 300 lives.