'There is an uprising attempt from within the army':PM
'There is an uprising attempt from within the army,' says Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim. 'Those who are doing this will be punished in the hardest way.'

World reacts to terror attack in France
Statements pour in condemning attack while voicing solidarity for France

9 Italians among 20 victims of Bangladesh attack
Italy's FM confirms 9 Italians died in Daesh-claimed attack that started Friday

US mass shooting may be unavoidable: experts
Terror shift toward incitement, America's lax gun laws 'potent cocktail,' observer says

US: 50 dead, 53 injured in Orlando club shooting
An FBI agent says agency interviewed shooter twice but investigation proved inconclusive

Israeli warplanes carry out raids in Gaza Strip
So far, no casualties have been reported, eyewitnesses tell AA

World Bank, UNICEF call for nutrition, early child dev.
'The time has come to treat childhood stunting as a development and an economic emergency,' World Bank Group head says

250,000 Syrian children living under siege, report says
Ahead of peace talks, new report argues a quarter of a million children are 'paying the price for the world's inaction'

Turkish military hits Daesh targets in northern Syria
Sunday's strikes target terrorist group's bases north of Aleppo, Turkish military source says