Greek ex-PM forms new party
Papandreou announces Social Democrats Movement only three weeks from Greece's legislative polls

A musical to remember Srebrenica genocide two decades on
A musical to remember Srebrenica genocide two decades on

Resolving Ukraine conflict 'is Serbia's priority'
Serbian minister says Ukraine will be priority for Serbia as it takes over the chair of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

Two Albanian seamen die in Norman Atlantic rescue
Cable snaps as tugboat brought the ferry, which was hit by a fire on Sunday, to shore

Greece: Ship sends distress signal in Adriatic Sea
A figate and a Skorsky helicopter from Greek navy were sent to the area.

Dayton agreement 'guilty for dysfunctional Bosnia'
Marking 19th anniversary of peace agreement, intellectuals comment that it has left the country dysfunctional.

Khmer Rouge survivors protest at war crimes trial restart
Second phase focuses on charges of genocide against Cham Muslims and ethnic Vietnamese as well as allegations of rape and forced marriage.

Greek air defense puts Turkish fighters under radar lock
Military sources said that this was the first time Turkish military aircraft were threatened by Greece's long-range missile defense system.

Old Bridge in Mostar was destroyed 20 years ago
With traditional jump from the Old Bridge to the river Neretva, the 20th anniversary of its destruction was marked in Mostar.