Greece submits economic reform proposals to creditors
Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has already submitted a draft proposal; creditors must approve it on Monday.

FM: Kosovo to sue Serbia for 'war reparations'
Kosovar FM Hashim Thaci said that he could not give an exact date, but added that Kosovo will apply to the International Court of Justice after evaluating "internal and international circumstances."

Greece bailout extended by four months
Bailout money must be used for the recapitalization of banks, not for government needs, says Eurogroup chairman

Greek PM's presidential candidate successfully elected
Pavlopoulos gained the support of 233 deputies in the 300-seat chamber.

Greece to accept six-month loan extension agreement
Greece will request an extension until the end of August, says the official Athens-Macedonian News Agency quoting anonymous sources.

Copenhagen shooter identified, two more arrested
Supposed gunman gang-related and known by police for several crimes

Thousands gather in Greece to support anti-austerity efforts
Ahead of Monday's critical euro zone finance ministers meeting, Greek citizens come together in capital to send the message 'Let Greece breathe.'

Greek FM: Troika austerity 'like being waterboarded by CIA'
Yanis Varoufakis describes EU's imposition of harsh "bailout" terms on his country as a form of torture.

Kosovars struggle to find asylum in European states
Anadolu Agency reporters accompany Kosovars as they battle to reach a perceived better life in European Union countries.