Greek parliament adopts humanitarian crisis bill
Bill considers giving housing allowances and emergency food aid for poorest in society.

Four years of suffering in Syria: Parallels with Bosnian war
'I have always been describing Homs and Srebrenica as similar places because of the suffering of innocent civilians,' a young Syrian living in Bosnia said.

Greek leader hails cooperation deal with OECD
Prime Minister says four-year agreement with economic development organization will help boost social justice in Greece.

Greece, lenders to hold technical talks on Wednesday
Eurogroup ministers discussed Monday whether Greece's list of economic reforms was sufficient in order for the indebted country to receive the next installment of $7.8 billion in bailout aid.

Greek referendum 'possible' if debt talks fail: Varoufakis
Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis comments raise 'Grexit' chances if debt talks fail

Salafi community in Bosnia denies links with Daesh
Villagers tell The Anadolu Agency that biased media reporting is to blame for claims they are involved in recruiting people to fight in Iraq and Syria

New Greek government sees trouble on bailout deal: Expert
Political analyst: 'Once real impact of terms agreed between Greek government and Eurozone is felt, popularity will be severely diminished.'

Greek govt suffers harsh criticism after loan extension
Former PM Antonis Samaras accused government of 'leading the country further back compared to where it was last November.'

Poroshenko vows to regain Crimea by 'any means'
Poroshenko said that Ukraine will regain control over this temporarily occupied territory.