Russia not intent on hitting Daesh: US envoy
Russia's 'top priority right now in Syria is consolidation of the Syrian state, or what is left of the Syrian state'

US regrets deadly airstrike on Syria regime forces
Russia calls UN Security Council meeting after 62 soldiers killed in coalition airstrike that hits regime forces

UK: Thousands gather for 'refugees welcome' rally
Protesters in London urge British government to do more on refugee crisis

UK apologizes for soldiers who watched Iraqi boy drown
Defense Ministry says it is '"extremely sorry"' for May 2003 incident during British occupation of Iraq

US, Russia announce truce deal on Syria
Truce to begin Monday with start of Muslim holiday celebration of Eid al-Adha

Turkish humanitarian aid ship leaves for East Africa
11,000 tons of foodstuffs, diapers on the way to Ethiopia and Somalia

Obama, Putin discuss Syria on G20 sidelines
US, Russia want ceasefire agreement to be reached soon due to humanitarian situation, official says

Obama: Coup did not impair Turkey-US security ties
Turkey 'an important partner for a whole range of issues in the region,' Obama says

Interior minister vows to clear Turkey of FETO 'plague'
Newly-appointed Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu says Turkey 'will clear this calamity, this cowardice'