Brazil records worst deficit in nearly 2 decades
A $5B surplus was registered in first half of 2014

Libya's Saif al-Islam sentenced to death
Appellate court sentences eight former leaders to death, including Muammar Gaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam

Burundi civil society lambasts Tuesday presidency polls
African Union, meanwhile, dispatches 'rights observers,' 'military experts' to crisis-hit E. African country

Burundi presidential poll kicks off amid violence
Three killed – including two policemen – on eve of Burundi's divisive election for president

Former Muslim criminal reaches out to misguided Ivorian youth
After decades of criminality, Mohamed Mahan now provides guidance to young Ivorian delinquents

Nigerian president appoints new military chiefs
Country's top brass had faced mounting criticism for failing to crush Boko Haram insurgency

Liberian bikers use Ebola suits as raincoats
Commercial motorcyclists wear leather suits, used to protect health workers from contracting Ebola, to stay dry during rainy season

S. Africa averted chaos by not arresting Sudan's Bashir: Experts
Some observers say al-Bashir's arrest in South Africa would have led to conflict in Sudan

Togolese Muslims begin spiritual preparations for Ramadan
Togolese imams urge Muslims to abandon bad habits, share with the poor and engage in prayers