Loud boom heard in southern Turkey
Governor's office says no casualties, damage reported

1M South Sudanese fled to neighboring countries: UNHCR
Neighboring Uganda, Sudan, and Republic of Congo have most of the refugees from the young nation of South Sudan

Tobruk parliament refuses to back Libya's unity gov't
The move is seen as a setback to efforts aimed at resolving the five-year conflict

Three million displaced by Yemen conflict: UNHCR
The report cited a 7% increase in displacement across Yemen since April

Egypt coup a teachable lesson for Turkey's plotters
That precedent is a dangerous one that the coup plotters had to be aware of,' Shadi Hamid says

Yemen nabs top al-Qaeda militant in Aden
Yemeni authorities describe Aboudi as one of the most wanted militants

Yemen parliament meets for 1st time since civil war
Some 140 lawmakers attended Saturday's session

Yemen peace talks suspended for one month: UN envoy
The Yemeni government says the UN-brokered talks with the Houthis ended without reaching a peace deal

800 militants join Nigerian de-radicalization program
Boko Haram fighters surrender, enter rehabilitation scheme, official says